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Executive Hi-Rise Suite


“Where do you want to go?”

Whether you are an existing Director or a Senior Manager with the ambition to achieve more, our dynamic Executive Hi-Rise Suite of coaching programmes can help accelerate you in your desired direction. The Executive Hi-Rise Suite consists of 4 distinct programmes designed to facilitate your personalised outcomes:

  •     Executive Break-Out
  •     Executive Break-In
  •     Executive Break-Thru
  •     Executive Burn-Out

Each programme has a defined but also flexible structure that recognises the individual needs of each client. This allows a programme to be fine-tuned and detailed to your desired outcomes. Each individual programme can be benefited from as a stand-alone development process, or several programmes from the suite can be adopted as part of a longer-term strategy of success growth. It is your choice based on both your immediate needs and also your future career strategy. To help you decide, if you are asking yourself questions like:

  •     “Where am I now and where do I want to go?” – The Executive Break-Out programme could be for you.
  •     “How did they get there and how can I do it too?” – You may want to explore our Executive Break-In programme.
  •     “What do I need to do to get on better with that person?” – The Executive Break-Thru programme may provide the insights.
  •     “How can I regain control and not be so overwhelmed?” – The Executive Burn-Out programme can help you rebuild.

The Executive Hi-Rise Suite of programmes can be undertaken as:

  • Personalised scheduled meetings
  • A series of telephone engagements
  • An intensive weekend workshop

Whichever Executive Hi-Rise Suite programme and format you decide to choose you can be surprised and delighted.

Contact us now to discuss how your life may be changed.

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