Executive Break-In

Executive Break-In Programme

Promotion Success

“Don’t be left behind – Break-In!”

“Promotion success can be more about
‘The Art of Fitting In’ than being the best at the job.”

Are you ready for this programme?

Our Executive Hi-Rise Suite contains the amazing Executive Break-In programme designed for ambitious senior people who want to break-in to the upper executive levels.
This programme explores a range of strategies and techniques that can assist you to enhance your already amazing potential and move your dream of becoming an elite executive to an achievable reality.

“Designed to get you as high as your desire!”

What can I gain from this programme?

  • Increased visibility to key stakeholders
  • New and stronger relationships at the right levels
  • Personal development of key soft-skills
  • Greater confidence and empowerment
  • Enhanced effectiveness
  • Deeper job satisfaction

How does this programme work?

Through a series of promotion targeted personal and relationship development strategies the Executive Break-In programme can give you a greater self-awareness and deeper understanding of what you need to join the executive elite. This deeper awareness can then help to create the strategies you need to increase your visibility and highlight your qualities to the  key stakeholders in your promotion funnel.

People are promoted all of the time so why not make it your time – now!

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