Executive Break-Out

Executive Break-Out Programme

Stuck? Break-out now!

“Don’t be stuck! Break-Out and succeed!”

“Your ultimate success comes from within you,
not from outside.”

What is this programme and who is it for?

Part of our Executive Hi-Rise Suite, the unique Executive Break-Out programme is designed for people whose life and career seems to have stalled or hit an ‘invisible’ brick wall. This programme is available to assist you to break-out of the deadlock and move forward towards your desired dreams.

“Customised to align with your desired outcomes!”

What can this programme do for me?

  • Clarify your true goals and ambitions
  • Identify and remove ‘success inhibitors’
  • Increase self-confidence and self-worth
  • Help you to move forward in life and work
  • Elicit strategies for career and personal development

How does this programme work?

Using deep-brain techniques, this programme is designed to uncover both your true ambitions and desired outcomes and, most importantly, any unresourceful beliefs and values that might be acting as success inhibitors. These success inhibitors will be rooted out and eliminated to free you from their restricting power. This can allow your ambitions to change from a being merely a far-away dream to becoming a compelling and achievable outcome.

As the unconscious barriers are eliminated they can then be replaced with your own new ‘success strategies’ to take you forward towards your desired future.

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