Executive Break-Thru

Executive Break-Thru Programme

Don't fight, unite!

“Don’t fight! Break-Thru and unite!”

“Exceptional business success needs
exceptional Executive Relationships!”

What is this programme and who is it for?

Unique to the Executive Hi-Rise Suite, is our ‘perception shifting’ Executive Break-Thru programme designed for pairs of executives whose working relationship is more confrontational then effective. If your executive meetings contain more turmoil than creative advances then this programme can help.
The programme will assist misaligned executives to break-through their relationship barriers and move forward as a congruent and dynamic team to achieve greater business successes.

“Resolve relationship discord for greater team effectiveness!”

What can this programme give me?

  • Clear awareness of the colleague relationship
  • Identification and removal of ‘hidden’ barriers
  • Deep understanding of your level of engagement
  • Strategies for improving the relationship
  • Greater effectiveness in mutual cooperation

How does this programme work?

Human relationships are governed by emotions and these emotions, good or bad, influence our relationship behaviours from an unconscious level. When two people find themselves in disharmony there is usually a controlling level of unconscious negative emotion that fuels the discord – no matter how the individuals may try to fight it their unresourceful behaviour usually emerges – especially as stress and pressure increases.
The Executive Break-Thru programme utilises deep-brain techniques which bring these negative emotions into conscious awareness – from where they can be challenged and resolved. This results in new perceptions and greater personal understanding of both the relationship and the individuals concerned. The result? Enhanced awareness of each other’s perspectives, greater mutual respect and more effective and lasting working opportunities.

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