Executive Burn-Out

Executive Burn-Out Programme

Don't burn-out, regenerate!

“Overwhelmed? Powerless? Beat the Burn-Out!”

“Executive Burn-Out is not uncommon but it can be reversed so you regain your true self and your career.”

Are you ready for this programme?

Our Executive Hi-Rise Suite contains the potentially career-saving Executive Burn-Out programme designed for senior people who sense they are struggling to cope with daily work activities and who don’t want to suffer any longer.
This programme explores a range of strategies and techniques that can assist you to be more empowered and in control of your situation and rebuild the personal qualities that have brought you so far already.

“Designed to get you out of the fear and back into your potential!”

What can I gain from this programme?

  • Understanding of the key factors involved
  • Resolution of negative issues
  • Development of ‘Self’ to reawaken personal qualities
  • Greater self-confidence, self-worth, and self-value
  • Enhanced effectiveness and empowerment
  • Renewed job satisfaction

How does this programme work?

Through a series of burnout-targeted personal development strategies the Executive Burn-Out programme can give you a greater self-awareness and deeper understanding of what causes you to feel how you do in your current situation. This deeper awareness can then help to create and use the individual strategies you need to resolve any underlying factors and release your innate qualities.
By learning new ways to deal with the real causes and regaining your personal confidence and power, you can push back on the impact of burn-out and rediscover your future potential.

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